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5th Annual BV Strong Community Dinner, 9-24-2018








About #BVStrong

The 5th Annual #BVStrong Community Dinner will be Monday, September 24, 2018 at 5:30 pm. Join your friends and neighbors at dinner down the middle of Main Street, with the majestic Collegiate Peaks as our backdrop.

We are a community that’s diverse in opinions and ideas; yet on this night, we focus on all we have in common as we eat together at one table. We embrace the people we love and celebrate those we’ve lost, cheer our accomplishments, and anticipate the return to “just us” as the summer season winds down.

All are welcome, and there’s a seat for everyone at our table. Our beautiful views are surpassed only by the beautiful people who call BV home!

“Just dinner.”

The simple mission of the BV Strong Community Dinner Planning Team is, “Just dinner!” We strive to create a locally-funded and locally-organized annual activity where the residents of Buena Vista come together in a nonpolitical, noncommercial, non-promotional event to share food and friendship as we celebrate and nurture a sense of community.

More than most communities, Buena Vista knows that magic happens when we sit down and eat together.

Let’s continue the spirit and strength of the BV Strong Community Dinner with a Neighborhood Dinner right where we live throughout the year!


Let’s make BV even STRONG-ER.


  1. Get to know your neighbors and where they live.
  2. Increase a sense of belonging within your neighborhood.
  3. Learn a little about each other and know who might need a little extra help from time to time.
  4. Meet neighbors nearby and the skills you offer one another—they might be able to help you with a gardening problem, or lend you that needed ingredient for your recipe.
  5. Help with safety/crime prevention by knowing who lives around you.
  6. Develop an opportunity to meet some of the older neighbors and discover your neighborhood’s history.
  7. Just to have fun! No excuses or reasons are needed to celebrate.



The dinner is FREE to attend for all our guests! This is only possible through generous donations from your fellow neighbors and local businesses right here in BV.

Your gift will be used for such expenses as table and chair rentals, providing the main course, and other set-up costs such as table signage and paper covering.

photo credit Aaron Atencio, used with permission

Give Locally

Donations are accepted locally at High Country Bank, 516 US Hwy 24 N, Buena Vista, 81211. Please make checks payable to “BV Strong Community Dinner.”

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